Waitangi Endowment Forest – Logging Update November 2022

Update: 9/11/2022 – Photograph’s of Forestry Changes and Ride Availability

We are delighted to say that we can now re-offer our Forest & Hillside Trail again temporarily during the weekends only from the 19th of November. It will be a further couple of weeks before weekday bookings can resume as a result of continued logging operation.


Gosh – the incredible team at P F Olsen are doing an incredible job clearing the forestry next to us – while the view might be looking slightly different as outlined from our Webcam photo’s below (special feature including Tui and her lovely new 12 week old foal), they really are powering through the work to get us back in there as soon as possible.

Now that the tree’s close to the roadway have been felled disruption is now minimal and we are looking forward to hitting the ground running soon with our Forest & Hillside trail once more.


What an amazing difference just 5 days can make – check out the changes between the two photos!



Original Post: 21st October 2022 – Forest & Hillside Trail Temporarily Unavailable

Unfortunately it’s that time of year once again where the logging of the Waitangi Endowment Forest begins! While during a normal harvest here at Horse Trek’n we are able to find alternative routes around the logging – sadly this year the section due for harvest is through the entrance way to the forest and alongside our main base area.

This sadly means we have had to adapt our service offering during this time and we will currently be unable to offer our Forest & Hillside trail during this time, as it would be unsafe to ride past logging machinery operators while they are felling tree’s. While harvest is weather dependent we are optimistic we will have our ride up and running again around the end of November ready for the busy summer season – all be it with a slightly different view along a small section of the forestry which has been logged. In the meantime, both our Bayview Scenic Ride and Ride the Waves experience are still available.

We really appreciate your understanding during this time!

Team Horse Trek’n