Meet Our Horsey Team!

Horse Trek’n are proud to introduce our herd of exceptionally friendly and well trained horses. Each one of our horses is picked for its unique personality – we treat them like royalty and as a result they provide our guests with some of the greatest of experiences and memories.

Periwinkle – 8 year old Welsh Pony – 11.2hh. Perry is the smallest member of our ridden trekking and teaching team, he is the perfect size for smaller kids. He is our little pint-sized perfection.

Ella – 15 1 hh Clydie X – 8 years old. Ella has joined us recently by kind permission of her lovely owner! She is personality+ and will always be the first one at the fence if you drive by and say hi!

Tangiwai – 15 2hh Stationbred – 9 years old. Wai joined us recently and has taken to the trekking life like a duck to water. She is a quiet soul but loves to get on with the job!

Dusky – 16hh – Clydesdale x Quarter Horse. At 9 years old dusky is a real dude and quite the character – his different looks and greedy attitude make him a customer favorite.

Rules – 15.3hh – Thoroughbred – 7 years old. Rules likes the simple life, he likes to eat, sleep and come out for the occasional stroll but he certainly doesn’t live his life in the fast lane and can be quite lazy!

Annie – 18 year old Clydie x Arab – 16 3hh. Annie is our resident gentle giant, she is sweet and loving and is the easiest ride and perfect for any of our beginner riders

Teddy – 12 year old Thoroughbred – 17hh. Teddy is an old soul who has joined us recently – after his successful racing career in Hong Kong he now enjoys living life in the slow lane!

Sheekhan – 24 year old Thoroughbred – 15 2hh. The lead mare of our herd who loves looking after children – though always insists on being near the front!

Cheeky Chester!- 5 year old Mini – meet our resident cheeky chappy! He might be pint-sized but this little guy likes to be right in amoungst the action!

Tui – 6 year old Wild Aupouri Pony – 14.3hh – Tui is a recent addition to a trekking team, and came from the wilds up north. She is a really chilled out mare – and is the mother of our lovely foal Fern!

Mabel – 20 year old Miniature Pony – This little princess is probably the cutest of the bunch! She loves attention and occasionally taking tiny little tots for a short ride!

Sully- 4 year old Clydie x Appy – Meet Sully, named after the friendly monster from Monster’s Inc! Sully is proving to be an absolute sweetheart and is just starting his ridden journey with us!

Massey – 14 hh – 11 year old Kaimanawa Pony. Massey only just arrived – but so far he seems a lovely cool and calm character who is a little shy at first, but very affectionate when he knows you!

Ace – 16 hh – 12 year old Thoroughbred. She is one of our best all rounders, who will look after beginners or look forward to going a little faster with an experienced rider!

Fern – Foal sized! Fern was born in August 2022, and was a pleasant surprise after finding out buying Tui her mum, that she was expecting a foal! Fern is full of sass and going to be a big personality.