Meet Our Horsey Team!

Horse Trek’n are proud to introduce our herd of exceptionally friendly and well trained horses. Each one of our horses is picked for its unique personality – we treat them like royalty and as a result they provide our guests with some of the greatest of experiences and memories.

Cleo – 14hh – our 7 year old Northland Bush Pony! Cleo is reserved for our guides and more experienced guests as she likes to have fun!

Fred – 16 3hh – he is one of our veterans at 23 years old. He’s a New Zealand Thoroughbred who takes a more steady and laid back look on life now – and is great at looking after kids!

Andy – 15 2hh Standardbred – 10 years old. Andy joined us recently and has taken to the trekking life like a duck to water. He is a very cheeky character with plenty of personality!

Dusky – 15 2hh – he’s one of the latest additions to our team, and is a Clydesdale x Quarter Horse. At only 5 years old he’s only just started learning how to take a rider – so expect to see him out and about soon when you visit!

Ace – 16 hh – 8 year old Thoroughbred. She is one of our best all rounders, who will look after beginners or look forward to going a little faster with an experienced rider!

Meet Panache - our 14 2hh Connemara Pony

Panache – 14 2 hh, 15 year old Connemara Pony – Definitely one of the prettiest little mares of our herd and very photogenic! Certainly closest we have to our very own unicorn – she loves a good cuddle!

Houdini – 20 year old Welsh X – 15 1hh. One of the real characters of our herd who looks after beginners or more inexperienced riders though has been known to be a little stubborn!

Sheekhan – 18 year old Thoroughbred – 15 2hh. The lead mare of our herd who loves looking after children – though always insists on being near the front!

Cheeky Chester!- 3 year old Mini – meet our resident cheeky chappy! He might be pint-sized but this little guy likes to be right in amoungst the action!

Lindsay – 16 2hh Standardbred – 7 years old. Lindsay has recently joined the crew and is currently gaining experience. So far he is very affectionate and cool as a cucumber!

Nugget – 12 year old Thoroughbred – 16 2hh.  He is a successful ex-racehorse and is now enjoying the quieter life! We aren’t too sure how he managed to win more than 10 of his races as he walks the slowest of them all!

Mabel – 14 year old Miniature Pony – This little princess is probably the cutest of the bunch! She loves attention and occasionally taking tiny little tots for a short ride!

Zalika (Zee) – 16 3hh Standardbred – 12 years old. Zalika has joined us just before the 2018/2019 summer season and she absolutely loves getting out and about. She loves to swim and always likes to be involved with everything that is going on!

Gizmo – 3 year old Clydie X. Meet our Baby! He still has a lot of growing to do yet before he joins the trekking team, but we love his cheeky little character and can’t wait to find out what he turns into!